Luxury Body Butter - with more butters

Luxury Body Butter - with more butters


Cande Body Butter is a blend of luxurious butters and oils to leave your skin smooth, silky soft and intensely moisturized. Now with Cupuacu and Bacuri Butters.  Massage a pea sized amount over damp skin and rub it in until absorbed, too much will leave your skin feeling greasy.  Available in 1.5 ounce size.  Unscented

  • Ingredients

    Contains: Shea, Bacuri & Cupuacu Butters, Sunflower Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Vitamin E.   Using body butter is nicest thing that you can do for your skin as this butter nourishes without feeling greasy.  Massage a pea sized amount over damp skin until it’s absorbed,

  • Benefits of Butters

    Shea Butter is naturally rich in Vitamins A and E as well as essential fatty acids and other vitamins and minerals. Shea butter is an intense moisturizer for dry skin and is wonderful for revitalizing damaged skin.

    Cocoa Butter alleviates dry skin, improves skin elasticity and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

    Bacuri Butter has has anti-ageing properties making it a fabulous moisturiser and reduces blemishes and scarring, when applied regularly.

    Cupuacu Butter is an excellent emollient that restores elasticity making skin supple, soft and more elastic.

    Coconut Oil is a great oil for general moisturizing and serves as a protective layer, helping to retain the moisture in your skin. It also acts as a mild oil suitable for those with inflamed and irritated skin, and those with skin sensitivities.

    Sunflower oil is deeply nourishing and conditioning and is highly recommended to treat dry, weathered, aged, and damaged skin.

    Arrowroot powder is added to help prevent a greasy feeling

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