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Whoopsie Daisy Spring Soaps

Whoopsie Daisy Soap

Now this is fun! I have been working hard on embellished soaps. The flowers are handmade with soap dough and applied to a loaf of freshly poured soap. Whoopsie Daisy (above) is our latest spring soap scented in Sunflower and available for purchase in limited quantities.

Silk Flowers (pictured above) is scented in a delicious combination of Bamboo and Lemon.

Embellished soaps are available in limited amounts so preorder yours now! Ready for shipping May 25, 2017. Each flower and leaf is handmade and hand applied for a unique soap made of our classic goat milk formula.

Lilac and Pink Grapefruit scents are also back in stock. We will soon be featuring our products at the Perrysburg Farmers Market on Thursdays in addition to the Toledo Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Hope to see you there. Or you can always order via the website at

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