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January 8 is Bubble Bath day!

Did you know today, January 8 is Bubble Bath day? Celebrate with CANDE's Sparkling Bubble Bath made with skin loving ingredients including coconut-based surfactants for tons of luxurious, Hollywood style bubbles and aloe vera, glycerin and grapeseed oil to leave your skin smooth and soft. Choose your favorite scent from the list below.

Galaxy has relaxing lavender & vanilla to makes for a bath that is out of this world and shimmer to make you feel like you're amongst the stars in space

Spellbound is a deep musk with floral notes, sandalwood and patchouli. A unique scent with the ability to carry you away.

Moonlight is a night time treat with lavender, ylang ylang, & tonka bean. The pearlescent sheen will remind you of moon light.

Cucumber Melon brings to mind a summer morning with honeydew and watermelon combined with cool cucumber.

Bubblegum - Look out Hubba Bubba! Scented with the classic bubble gum fragrance that will take you back to the days of blowing bubbles.

Eight ounces are $6.50 at

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