Raw Goat Milk Soaps

Hi, everyone. This is Karen with CANDE. I had tried every moisturizing soap at the drug store and my skin was still itchy and dry after showering. After purchasing a bar of handmade soap, I found my dry itchy skin was gone.

I made handmade soaps years ago, doing it the old fashioned way - rendering lard and steeping ashes to make lye water (think Mother Earth News). After using the handmade soap I had purchased, my interest in making soap was reborn. Things have really changed, instead of rendering my own fats, there are a wide selection of oils and butters readily available along with natural colors and fragrances.

I started experimenting with recipes and it took more than a year to the recipe we use today. My family tested a lot of soap and have been instrumental in making the products what they are today. Their support is really appreciated.

Customer comments: It is only soap – until you run out and pick up soap from the drug store. Then you realize how much better this soap is. Mary – Elyria

No more alligator skin on my legs! It used to be painful to shave, my legs were so dry. Not since I have been using CANDE Soap. Karey – North Olmstead

This is the first winter I have not had dry, itchy skin. I am a customer for life! Joan – Norwalk

If you have not tried handmade natural soap, I urge you to try it and think you will be pleasantly surprised.

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