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Riverview Health Campus Craft Show

Today was the kickoff of the craft show season with the first show at Riverview Health Campus in Oak Harbor, Ohio. I meet the nicest people at craft shows! A woman drove here from Michigan over an hour away because she had purchased Camo soap last year and had not kept the contact information so drove out to Riverview in the hopes of finding us and purchasing more Camo bar soap. I know we have great products but that made my day!

We introduced a new product - Laundry Butter.

Laundry Butter is a laundry soap with the consistency of whipped cream. A teaspoon or two will wash an entire load, more if may be needed for heavily soiled laundry. I have had several positive reviews from people who tried it so this will become a staple. This low sudsing soap so formulated for top and front loading washers, is hypoallergenic and biodegradable so not harmful to the environment. The butter is great as a stain pretreater and can be mixed with water to wash floors and counter. The cost is $4 per 8 ounce tub which will wash 40 - 48 loads of laundry. Made from scratch in Oak Harbor, Ohio.

This will be available at local farmers markets and craft fairs. I will be posting a schedule of events so you will know where to find us.

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