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How to Safely Receive a Package

Hello, all. With fears of the Corona Virus at an all-time high, I wanted to update you on what our Cande is doing to keep us all safe. Please keep in mind that I am a one-woman business so may run low on a few items but at this point we are well stocked on your favorite soaps, lotions, bath bombs and deodorants.

I've had a few concerned customers reach out to me, specifically about if it's safe to receive packages during the Coronavirus. The good news is that I'm not ill, but even if your postal carrier is, the resounding evidence we have is that Coronavirus doesn't spread by mail. The virus does not last long on objects such as letters or packages, according to the World Health Organization. If you want to be extra-safe, however, wash your hands after opening the box/bubble mailer, but before removing the contents of the package.

We are doing our part by washing our hands, sanitizing all surfaces and generally staying home. We will continue to vend at the Toledo Farmers Market and will post updates on Facebook if changes occur.

Thanks for supporting small business and being great customers. Stay healthy. Below are Peeps Bath Bombs scented in Fruit Loops available at



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