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Spa Day at Home

Hello, everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in this time of uncertainty. In addition to washing your hands thoroughly and frequently, avoiding touching your face, and following the recommendations of your local health agencies, I hope you are also taking some time to care for yourself emotionally and making time for a bath, a book, some tea, and some time off from the news if you can.

How about a personal spa-day? We can make it happen with products from Cande.

Keep the kids busy with Bubble Play Dough.

or mini bath bombs. Read a light, no-brainer book. Have a cup of soothing tea or a decadent latte. Find a quiet place to put your feet up and take a nap.

This week, pamper yourself! Treat your mind, body, and skin to some lovely moments of peace and self-love. We will get through this.


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