Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild Conference

Dave and I just got home from a three day conference on everything you ever wanted to know about soaping I learned how to contact magazines and newspapers to promote our products, building a brand identity (this blog is one of them), how to swirl which is like painting beautiful patterns in soap - these fall under the "too pretty to use" category, the chemistry behind making soaps and lotions (my head is still spinning!), photography of soaps, using color on our website to boost sales and so much more. I met new friends and have a bunch of ideas for packaging and selling, met a group like minded Ohioans and found a local soaping conference is Strongsville in a couple weeks.

The best part - I won a prize for making soap the longest as I started when Michael was a baby so over 30 years now! There has been a huge change in how we make soap so the next post will be comparing how we used to make soap back in the day as compared to modern soap making. Nowadays it is much easier due to tools and availability of oils and scents.

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