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History of Cande LLC or soapmaking 30 years ago...

Years ago my family and I lived in a farming community. We supplemented our grocery budget with our own chickens, goats, and a vegetable garden. Always searching for a better way of providing for my two boys, I came across an old fashioned recipe for homemade soap on the back of a Red Devil Lye can.

The recipe called for liquid, fat, and lye. The fat came from neighboring farmers and the local butcher. My goats provided plenty of milk for the liquid. The making of soap required several hours of constant stirring to bring it to the proper thickness before pouring it into a make do carton as a soap mold. The resulting soap was a bit harsh and wasn't scented, but it did the job. I grew muscles stirring that soap!

Life went on. School, work, and moving to a goat-free town put my interest in soap making on the back burner for quite a while.

Thirty years later a cancer diagnosis made me analyze everything I ate, drank or put on my skin. Research shows that 75% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. Wanting to use natural healthy ingredients on my skin, I researched the best ingredients for natural soap. Friends and family helped refine the recipes and products, and CANDE was born!

Today's soap makers have access to vegetable oils, food grade lye and, best of all, stick blenders to thicken the soap within minutes instead of hours. The resulting soap is a natural mix of coconut, olive palm, castor oils and Shea butter to promote soft, healthy skin. A variety of scents and colors are available to make our soaps fragrant and attractive.

Handmade soap retains extra glycerin which is known to naturally soften the skin. Glycerin is one of the best known humectants (attracts moisture to the skin). With commercially produced soap, glycerin is often removed and sold as a valuable by-product. Natural ingredients are rarely used in commercially manufactured soap. If used at all, it is a tiny amount. One of the biggest advantages to handcrafted soaps is my recipe results in a superior natural soap. There is a noticeable difference when using this soap versus commercial soaps.

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