Laundry Butter - All Natural!

The latest buzz in the soapmaking community is laundry butter. This is a laundry soap and stain pre treater but we have found it to be multi purpose - dissolve a teaspoon of laundry butter in a quart of water to wash floors, carpets, drapes, hardwood and more. A friend reported it worked great to clean his truck tires and rims. Other friends tell me it is the only thing that gets grease and grime out of dirty work clothes.

Laundry butter is neither liquid or powder, instead it has a light whipped apperance with a texture of whipped cream. It is made from coconut oil soap, water, borax and washing soda and lemongrass. Coconut oil soap is very cleansing and strips dirt right out of clothes. Lemongrass aides in grease removal. Laundry butter is very concentrated, a heaping teaspoon is all that is needed to was a full load of dirty laundry. It is all natural, hypoallergetic and biodegradable. Naturally phosphate free, it is gentle on the environment. My friends with skin sensitivities report they are able to use laundry butter without any issues.