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Is your skin ready for summer?

Warmer weather is here! Meaning exposed skin. While I am not going to be rocking a bikini, short sleeves and hemlines will be here soon and I want my skin to be soft and glowing.

Skin is continually renewing itself in three week cycles. Exfoliating weekly helps to get rid of the old skin cells exposing fresh, new skin while keeping skin supple and youthful. Cande' sugar scrubs are emulsified which helps to moisturize without feeling greasy.

French Clay Sugar Scrub is great for face, neck and chest. Due to the delicate nature of facial skin, do not use scrub more than once a week.

Coffee Sugar Scrub has coffee grounds to smooth your entire body. After using the scrub, be sure to moisturize with one of our terrific all natural moisturizers!

Cande Sugar Scrubs – because Glowing Skin is In!

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