Have you heard about dryer balls?

CANDE 100% wool dryer balls are a natural fabric softener, replacing dryer sheets and fabric softener. Did you know that those chemical laden dryer sheets leave a thin coating on your towels, making them less absorbent? Natural wool dryer balls fluff up your towels and laundry without that residue.

Dryer balls reduce drying time 25 to 30%. This means you can reduce your drying time from 60 to 40 minutes. This saves on utility costs along with reducing wear and tear on your clothing and appliances. Dryer balls last for years!

CANDE dryer balls come in a set of three. All three balls are used together and stay in the dryer with is no need for special treatment. The dryer balls do like to hide in your clothing so be sure to find all three and put them back into your dryer. If you