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NEW!  Bubble Bath

Introducing CANDE Sparkling Bubble Baths!

Sometimes we need to de-stress and unwind from a busy day. Our new line of gently scented bubbles baths will help you do just that!

CANDE's Sparkling Bubble Bath made with skin loving ingredients including coconut-based surfactants for tons of luxurious bubbles and aloe vera, glycerin and grapeseed oil to leave your skin smooth and soft.

Choose your favorite scent from the list below ~ or pick up a gift set including a bubble bath, bath bomb and a bar of confetti soap!

Spellbound is a deep musk with floral notes, sandalwood and patchouli. A unique scent to carry you away.

Bubble Gum. Look out Hubba Bubba! A sweet, happy classic fun fragrance.

Galaxy has relaxing lavender & vanilla for a Bubble Bath that is out of this world! Makes you feel like you're among the stars!

Cucumber Melon brings to mind a summer morning with honeydew and watermelon combined with cool cucumber.

Moonlight is a night time treat with lavender, ylang ylang, & tonka bean essential oils. The pearlescent sheen will remind you of moon light. Our personal favorite!

An 8 ounce bottle is $6.50 and available at Coming soon - gift sets!

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